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Manpower and Labour Planning


Service and other labour-intensive, shift-based operations that have to deal with varying demand often face a losing battle when trying to improve productivity.

Our approach to demand planning and rostering identifies and targets linkages in the labour process and de-couples activities to reduce time-based dependencies and increase efficient utilization of staff and assets.

We have developed unique techniques and tools that have been well tested in various services environments.

We use operation and financial models that enables planners to quickly assess the impacts of: 
• changes in service standards.

• investment in automation and equipment.
• introducing new clients.

• changes in service schedules.
• introducing new services.
• out-sourcing or in-sourcing services.

Improved Labour Planning and Tracking.

Click on the link below to view our  guide to delivering sustained labour savings. 

(Clicking the link below will open a .pdf document in a new window.)

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