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Some Of Our Projects

Innovative Ideas Delivering Results

Develop New Hospital Food Services Model

Government Sector

In conjunction with our client we developed the My Food Choice (MFC) hospital food service model, which is now in operation in more than 50 hospitals across New South Wales. 

We also provide the staff planning, task scheduling, task tracking and reporting software to support the system. 

For more detail see and at the link below.

Develop Ambulance "Make Ready" Logistics Model

Government Sector

We developed the logistics and manpower planning and scheduling model for the new superstations. 

This modelling, piloting and implementing the concept at the initial launch sites before it was rolled out across the network.

For more detail see

Redesign and Reduce Food Service Costs

Large Private Hospital Group

Our client is the nation’s largest not-for-profit health and aged care provider, operating 15 private and public hospitals across Australia.

We completed an initial opportunity review using our benchmark process efficiencies to identify the efficiency improvements and the associated unit cost reductions available. 

We then worked with the client to develop the business case and deliver the indicated savings.

Using our planning, visibility and reporting software solutions they have continued to deliver further significant savings by adopting the continuous improvement approach that our methodologies enable.

LEAN Review of Environmental Cleaning Operations

Large Private Hospital Group

Following the success of the Food Services review and redesign we conducted a LEAN review of the group's Environmental Cleaning operations. 

Working with the site operations managers we "Leaned" out the key processes, re-planned the work demand, provided the software to manage the manpower and tracked Earned to Actual hours, as part of the activity driven planning approach.

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